1649 – the hike from Filotheou to Karakalou

After a short visit to Filotheou we continued our trip to Karakalou and Kellion Timiou Stavrou. This part of the hike was 2.37 km long and it took me 40 minutes, mainly over beautiful monopati’s. I had a 10 minute break to visit a chapel, so the actual time of the hike would be around 30 minutes.

Filotheou Karakalou hike data


Filotheou Karakalou hikeFilotheou - Karakallou

Detail of the Zwerger map

Filotheou Karakalou photo positions 1.0kopieHere are the six positions where I took the pictures that are shown below:

DSCN4988 (Large)The route started on a dirt road, but soon on a turn to the right, the monopati showed up (position 1 on the map above).

DSCN4989 (Large)Looking down to the sea: a ruined house (position 2).

DSCN4990 (Large)Signs show the way to Karakalou (and back to Filotheou – position 2).

DSCN4991 (Large)The spot deep in a valley, where the path turns and where at this time of year water flows down over the rocks (position 2)?

DSCN4992 (Large)Wild cyclamen en chessnut (leafs) – picture 4 of position 2

At position 3 you will find a well and a small chapel:

DSCN4993 (Large)The well and a place to rest or shelter: a new roof is being placed in September 2014

DSCN4994 (Large)The chapel (position 3)

DSCN4998 (Large)The entrance with Agios Georgios and the dragon above the door

DSCN4998detailDSCN4996 (Large)Inside the chapel: the iconostasis and icons (see below)DSCN4997 (Large)

DSCN4999 (Large)Next to the chapel: a ruined house

DSCN5000 (Large)Looking back: the other side of the chapel. The path is above on the right.

DSCN5001 (Large)Then we move on to spot number 4, where signs show the way.

DSCN5002 (Large)We pass a large kellion (behind the trees on the right), and another large kellion in the background. The ruin on the left is shown here:

DSCN5003 (Large)DSCN5005 (Large)1o minutes (500 meters) to Karakalou, 20 minutes (1200 meters) to Filotheou

DSCN5006 (Large)(Very) old signs! (postion 4)

DSCN5007 (Large)At position nr 5 you will see this path: nowadays you will seldom see such an intact example of an old monopati!

DSCN5008 (Large)Here the path to Filotheou starts, very near Karakalou. Do not forget to cross the dirt road in a straight line, otherwise you will have to walk a detour (as we did – see the first picture above)!

DSCN5009 (Large)DSCN5010 (Large)Arriving at Karakalou in color and black and white (position 6).

Wim, 10/12

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