1646 – Filotheou September 2014

On our hike to Kelli Timiou Stavrou we passed the Filotheou monastery:

DSCN4986 (Large)The gate with a van with watermelons – karpousi (photo 1).

DSCN4984 (Large)

IMG_2299 (Large)The first we noticed that many building activities took place. Here you see building Z, H M1 (see plan below, the cells of monks, the former synodal offices and the wine-cellar) with scaffoldings and a crane (photo 2 en 3).

12 Filotheou 2 monastery1.1Plan of the monastery

DSCN4985 (Large)At the other side of the church: building Z2 – the guest house/bakery/carpentry – is also being renovated: a new roof is almost ready (photo 4).

IMG_2300 (Large)Seen from another angle: the phiale, building M – food cellar and Z2 – guesthouse (photo 5).

Wim, 30/11

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