1645 – the hike from Karyes to Filotheou

After a short visit to Karyes (see 1641) and the bakery we continued our trip to Filotheou. Unfortunately my Nikon GPS camera had some problems, so I do have many pictures from the first part of this hike, which was 9,44 km long and took us almost 2.45 h.

Karyes - Filotheou hike data

The route took us over beautiful monopati’s, starting at Koutloumousiou, but part of it was also over dirt roads.

Karyes - Filotheou

DSCN4982 (Large)The start of the monopati near the gate of Koutloumousiou (with FoMa signs)

Karyes - Filotheou old map ZwergerThis is how the monopati was drawn by Zwerger in 1980.

The route took us close to Skiti Iviron, a place that wanted to visit, but it too far to take a quick detour.

IMG_2279 (Large)At spot nr 1 on the map below we saw this deserted house

Karyes - Filotheou photo positionskopiePhoto nr 2 is athe spot where a road leads to two kelli: Ag. Antoniou and Ag. Archaggelon.

IMG_2280 (Large)At spot nr 3 we leave the dirt road again and resume our trip over the monopati to Filotheou:

IMG_2283 (Large)After a while you again reach a dirt road and at photo nr 4 take the left road going down. IMG_2284 (Large)

IMG_2285 (Large)And at spot nr 5 the monopati shows up again, leading all the way Filotheou: this turn is not far from the large Russiankelli Onoufriou that I visited later (see 1627 and on).

IMG_2285IMG_2286 (Large)Not far from Filotheou old walls along the path are to be seen (spot 6), and at spot nr 7 the monastery is in sight:

IMG_2287 (Large)Here part of the forrest is cut down and big trees are hewn down……(spot 8)

IMG_2288 (Large)IMG_2290 (Large)Here the beautiful valley is in use as a waste site by Filotheou!!? (spot 9). It is a shame ruining the landscape like this.IMG_2291 (Large)Then we passed this fine but shaky bridge over the river (nr 10) IMG_2293 (Large)With this plaquette in the middle from 1983 in Greek (photo 10, 11, 12):IMG_2292:IMG_2292 (Large)

IMG_2294 (Large)Looking back at the deforested area (13)

IMG_2296 (Large)A new sign of the monopati leading back to Karyes: on the background the kellion Onoufrios (photo 14).

IMG_2297 (Large)Behind this large tree you can find the monopati, with old signs pointing in the right (?) direction (photo 15 and 16).

IMG_2298 (Large)DSCN4983 (Large)At the gate of Filotheou: in the background between the two houses is the large tree where the monopati to Karyes starts.

Next time a few pictures from Filotheou.

Wim, 26/11

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