1643 – How about transport to Athos when it is storming?

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-22 om 14.21.53When the waves are as high as this (Dafni by Giannis Keliotes) the ferries won’ t sail to the harbours of Dafni or the monasteries. But is this also the case with the much smaller boattaxi or is it possible that the boattaxi can reach more secluded harbours like the one of Panteleimonos? Please answer this question in the comments. I’d like to know because I am going to Mount Athos at the end of december (stormy season?) for the 7th time and like to be prepared when it is storming. Thanks very much!!
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-22 om 14.23.57Stormy sea at Sithonia with view on Cassandra and Mount Athos , photo by TothJulika


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  1. michalis says:

    I will go to mount athos at Christmas and I have the same problem. as i know, the problems are when they blow south winds.
    i received a fax by Vatopaidi monastery which suggests the pilgrims to take the speed boat “Panagia” from Ierissos port. The fax says that the speed boat departs also with stormy weather until 6 beaufort.
    so first you can call “agioritikes grammes” ship company to ask if there are the same ryles from Ouranoupoili port and to check the weather of mount athos here

  2. Vasílis says:

    Monk Theologos, he has a weatherstation on Megisitis Lavras, gives sometimes warnings on his facebook (in Greek) https://www.facebook.com/pages/ATHOS-Mount/172124006173620?fref=nf.
    The best you can and must do is always call the authorities, on the day before your arrival on Mount Athos. Herman hier:
    http://www.debergathos.blogspot.nl/2014/10/400-agion-oros-de-zomer-is-voorbij.html staan telefoonnummers van respectievelijk de havenauthoriteiten, bootmaatschappijen en de snelboten.

  3. jmoulard says:

    Hello, i was on Athos a month ago and the weather conditions were very bad, no boat to enter or leave one day. I was told by the monks in Simonos Petras Monastry that when the wind is North=> South , boats are usually running between Ouranopouli and Daphni. When the wind is South=> North, the boats are usually running between Ierissos and the North coast monasteries (Vatopedi) .When there are no boats at all, you can nevertheless ask for a Athos 4X4 taxi to drive you from Karyes to Ouranoupoli but it will cost you 400€ , so you better find other people to join you, so as to reduce the cost ! Have a nice pilgrimage on Holy Moutain

  4. Gabriel says:

    Normally on bad wether there are no connections . I have a friend that stay at the end of october 2 days in Ouranopolis and can not enter . If the ferryboat is stop , no chance for taxi . The main problems are the rocky and dangerous port from monasteries .
    Panagia from Ierissos has a huge pick up capacity . But please note that came only to Vatopedi in 90%( they have a close port and somewhere the wages are small ) .And in Vatopei without reservation is not possible to stay ( in this case have to call for a taxi and pay supplimentary , but is a solution). Even in summer go s only to Morphonu dock (if possible ). Is not possible to know in advance the situation , because they decided in that morning in connection with weather condition

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