1640 – Profitou Eliou 2

Just before nightfall I made a walk outside the skete. Here are some of the pictures I shot:

DSCN4953 (Large)Pumpkins

DSCN4962 (Large)the katholicon seen from outside the skete

DSCN4956 (Large)the North facade, with the smaal church on the second floor, the overhanging part

DSCN4955 (Large)the North/East corner

DSCN4961 (Large)The South/East corner

DSCN4958 (Large)The door in this corner of the building: who can translate the text?

DSCN4960 (Large)Old irons parts of machines lying on the floorDSCN4959 (Large)Stones with letters and a date: 1806

DSCN4954 (Large)The old windmill in the gardens

DSCN4964 (Large)The graveyard

DSCN4951 (Large)Just behind the graveyard a dirt road and a monopati lead to the West: this was probably the road or path that we should have been walking to go to the skete from the Stavrou crossingDSCN4968 (Large)The shop of father Filimon

DSCN4967He showed me with some proud this antique ring found in Constantinople, that belonged to clergy (not for sale!)

DSCN4966 (Large)Next morning we assisted to peel patatas

DSCN4974 (Large)Time to say goodbuy: here are all pilgrims together of 6th of October 2014

DSCN4973 (Large)Seven years ago I send our friend a book about Rembrandt (“the Dutch Icon painter), this year I promised to send a more than  100 year old printed “photogravure” of Maria’s deathbed (and some tulips from Amsterdam).

DSCN5405 (Large)

By coincidence I found this postcard this morning in my postbox at home!DSCN5403 (Large)DSCN5404 (Large)Thanks to our friend Filimon for his hospitality: he arranged a lift by car to Karyes: next time a few picture from what I saw there.

Wim, 7/11

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  1. Hans Overduin. says:

    The words λαογραφική συλλογή above the doors mean literally ‘collection of writings about the people’, better translated as ‘folklore collection’ (in Dutch: volkenkundig museum). Before the last fire also the I.M. Chilandarion had such a collection.

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