1626 – (Former) Russian settlements on Athos seen from the air

ridge plus karyesThe yellow arrow points to the large skiti of Andreou or Serail in the village of Karyes. Once a Russian enclave now inhabited by Greek monks. The blue arrow gives a  nice image of the dirt road over the mountain ridge in the middle of the Peninsula. The road used to be an old path that went from Chilandariou to Paulou.timiou stavrosThe arrow point to Timiou Stavrou  a returning subject in this blog. It used to be Russian kellion, not Ukrainian as we first thought. More to come on Timiou Stavrou because my brother visited the kelion in september 2014.pantel airThe monastery of Panteleimonos fully Russian nowadays although I heard that most of the monks are Ukrainian. Can anyone confirm this?? In between the arrows there used to be 4 large storage buildings as to be seen on the last image of the post.pantel plus millAgain Panteleimonos with the arrow pointing at the 4 buildings of the  watermill of st. Silouan. The air photograph is taken somewhere around 2000 because the two buildings with the red roofs between the monastery and the higher road were no longer there when we visited in 2009. On this spot solarpanels are now installed.k pant 1970?A much older image taken from a plane of Panteleimonos. It has to before 1968 because in 1968 the whole guestwing (red arrow) of the monastery including the VIP receptionroom was destroyed by fire.

The 4 storage buildings are still intact. Notice that everything on this photo is grey, brown and red. Nowadays green is the dominant color.

More aeriel photo’s here.


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