1610 – Agiou Basiliou or Hrusija

In 1302 the Serbian King Milutin (1282-1321) built Agiou Basiliou or Hrusija by the harbour and the so-called Milutin’s Tower. In September 2013 we were able to visit this place. After ringing a bell a couple of times we were welcomed by a friendly Serbian monk who spoke English. He invited us in and showed us the church. I was allowed to shoot pictures of the frescoes inside. To my knowledge these frescoes are never published on the internet, so I am proud to show them you for the first time. First let’s have a look at the surroundings. On this screenshot you can see Agiou Basiliou directly behind the small island. On the left is the arsanas of Chilandariou and in the backgroudn you see te monastery. The Milutin’s tower lies between the monastery and Agiou Basiliou. Agiou Basiliou Google Earth   DSCN2430 (Large)Agiou Basiliou seen from the South DSCN2455 (Large)Agiou Basiliou and the small island DSCN2456 (Large)The arsanas of Chilandariou DSCN2457 (Large)The Milutin tower seen from Agiou Basiliou DSCN2432 (Large)The bridge that leads to the gate, also see the plan below by Paschalis Androudis. DSCN2433 (Large)The door with two signs and and a rope in the right top corner, to pull the bell DSCN2433detail Agiou Basiliou plan

04 Chilandariou Ag. Basilios 4  DSCN2450 (Large)Just behind the door you will see a courtyard with all kinds of materials and panels for solar energy, also see picture below DSCN2451 (Large) DSCN2447 (Large)The wooden scaffoldings that hold the ruined walls DSCN2449 (Large)The friendly Serbian monk who showed us around and my friend Gert Jan. Here we are in the second courtyard where the scaffoldings are and on the right is the church DSCN2448 (Large)The Agiou Basiliou church Agiou Vasiliou churchA drawing of the church (thanks to the Androudis study) DSCN2435 (Large)The right side of the iconostasis with a frescoe of Christ DSCN2436 (Large)The left side of the iconostasis wit a frescoe of the Panaghia with the child Jezus and an icon of Serbian king (Milutin?) DSCN2437 (Large)The monks explains the frescoes, also see below DSCN2438 (Large) DSCN2438detail last supperDetail of the last picture: the Last Supper, Judas without the halo DSCN2439 (Large)The dome with the Pantocrator DSCN2439detailDetail of the last picture DSCN2440 (Large)The Holy Simon and Saint Prince Lazar (thanks Alex) DSCN2441 (Large)And next to it: the Dormition of the Mother of God and the child Jezus DSCN2441detail2 jezus childA fine detail of the last picture DSCN2442 (Large) DSCN2444 (Large) DSCN2445 (Large) DSCN2446 (Large)Above the entrance to the church DSCN2452 (Large)Time to say goodbye: the doors to Agiou Basiliou from the inside

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