1558 – Passing the monastery of Dionysiou

1 dioComing from Gregoriou walking along the beautiful monopati Dinonysiou comes into view. The arsanas (harbour) has been expanded with a new pier. Clouds are covering the mountains itself.

2 dio      3 dio

Dionysiou is founded in the 14th century.  In October 1535 a fire burnt down almost all the buildings except the tower, which was better equipped  to withstand this catastrophe.     4 dio 5 dio

Looking back to the new arsanas, walking past the monastery a red sign showes the way to the next monastery Paulou.

6 dioDescending to the foodpath to Paulou. These are photo’s from our trip in 2011 when we walked from Gregoriou to Paulou on our first day on the mountain.7 dioA last view on the monastery.

8 dioIn 1744 the Russian pilgrim Barsky made this realistic drawing of the monastery.


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