1557 – Esfigmenou: a walk around the monastery – 2

Let’s continue our walk around the monastery, starting at E (part 1 is here):Esfigmenou google earth nrs a19DSCN2314 (Large)This picture was taken from the new pier, with the old one in front af the monastery and the sea side entrance on he left, which we will have a closer look on later on. a18DSCN2322 (Large)The sea side walls of the monastery, with the chapel of Ag. Joannis Eleimon (the Almoner) next to the Orthoxy or Death banner. a20DSCN2312 (Large)when you turn around from the last spot you see arsanas houses of Esfigmenou and the new large pier on the background. a20aDSCN2321 (Large)Near the boat houses of Esfigmenou: a cross placed on a concrete pillar a21DSCN2317 (Large)Boat houses near the sea side entrance, with the cross on the pillar on the left of the entrance

R0012116Monk reading (photo J. Bakker)a23DSCN2318 (Large)Antique remnants of classical Greece: a pillar and capitals a23aDSCN2329 (Large)A fountain near the boat houses DSCN2329detailDetail of the text above the fountain a25DSCN2319 (Large)The new sea side gate to the monastery, with a mosaic of the Portatissa a35DSCN2339 (Large)Just after this gate: a door leading to a old fridge? a22DSCN2306 (Large)The gate seen from above 18 Esfigmenou sea side gateA plan of the gate: D(elta) is the main entrance, Da is the former main gate, D4 are the frontyards of the former gate. E1 are defence walls. Z2 is the guesthouse. a24DSCN2320 (Large)When entering the gate you will see the first yard, with stairs on the right and large pottery in the next yard (the photo is shot standing on the place of the arrow on the plan above). a34DSCN2338 (Large)The stairs leading to the gate keepers house a27DSCN2331 (Large)Looking back at the boat houses and the new entrance gate, seen from the second yard a26aDSCN2382 (Large)The second yard, with the large pottery a26DSCN2330 (Large)The path leads to the third yard, the former main gate a28DSCN2332 (Large)A mill stone in yard 2 a29DSCN2333 (Large)Above this gate a crowned double headed eagle in white marble a33DSCN2337 (Large)The former gate, a strong iron door. a30DSCN2336 (Large)The former main gate with – again – a stair leading up the defence wall a32DSCN2334 (Large)On top of the stairs there is a hole above the gate, probably ment for defensive actions a31DSCN2335 (Large)The hole in the wall, looking back at yard 2 with the large pottery a16DSCN2341 (Large)After passing a door near the entrance near the boat houses at E, I entered the gardens and I saw the West walls (F on the first picture of this blog) a16aDSCN2340 (Large)A monk was doing his daily work a17DSCN2342 (Large)This picture showes the boat houses from the other site, seen from the garden a15aDSCN2376 (Large)This corridor that leads from the garden is full with grapes and brings you back the main gate at the South a14DSCN2303 (Large)The main gate with the clock tower a13DSCN2309 (Large)Palm trees decorate the entrance: behind the wall there is a little pond with many fish.R0012127The old fire department car (photo J. Bakker)

a12DSCN2308 (Large)This is the road that leads you back where we started at building C, the vineyard. It is also the beginning of the path to Vatopediou a11DSCN2302 (Large)This last picture completes our trip around the monastery: we look in the direction of the main entrance.

Wim, 6/6 (next I wil you some pictures of this entrance)

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    Where did you get the plans of the monastery from? Is there an index that you can take a picture of and upload it here? Thank you!

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