1555 – Esfigmenou: a walk around the monastery -1

Today I will take you on a photographic tour around the monastery. Let’s start at A, the winery.Esfigmenou google earth nrs 18 Esfigmenou surroundings2 3This map shows the surroundings as it was a few decades ago, without the winery en vineyard buildings (A and C) and without the new pier.a1DSCN2378 (Large)Building A, the winery. The 2013 vintage was just put in a few large plastic tanks to ferment.a2DSCN2377 (Large)The smell of newly pressed grapes was prominent. a3DSCN2298 (Large)If you follow the path towards building C you will soon see the monastery with the bell tower and the entrance a4DSCN2358 (Large)The monastery seen from the olive tree garden a5DSCN2359 (Large)Building B is nearby a6DSCN2352 (Large)The new building C, belonging to the vineyard a7DSCN2350 (Large)The entrance to building C a8DSCN2351 (Large)With three bronze bells a9DSCN2300 (Large)D: the East wall of the monastery (photo shot towards the North) a10DSCN2301 (Large)East wall, looking back to builing C (the South), the Agiou Georgios chapel in the upper corner. On the lower level you can find the Hagii Pantes (alle Saints) chapel. a10aDSCN2356 (Large)In the middle of spot D/the East wall: the library building, with two unfinished chapels in it (Rumanian and Russian)18 Esfigmenou monastery 2Plan of Esfigmenou monastery a36DSCN2353 (Large)The North/East corner along the coastline, building E on the plan. a37DSCN2354 (Large)Again building E on the North – sea site – wall on the right: two balconies have rotted away and many ajustments were made in the wall through the years. a38DSCN2355 (Large)The North wall, with the defence tower and the arsanas in the background DSCN2328 (Large)The defence tower with its flags Next time we will have look at the rest of the pictures from the West and South (entrance) walls. Wim, 3/6

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  1. gio says:

    I’m a friend of M.t Athos.
    I will to tell You that Jakobos agihiografos was dead in 8 Maj 2014.

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