1543 – new website about Reinhold Zwerger

The best Athos map is made by Reinhold Zwerger, who died in 2009. His daughter Lisbeth made this website about his book and the map. Soon a page will added about Reinhold Zwerger as an artist. Zwerger websiteYou can order book and map for € 50, the map only will cost you € 25 (= cheap, in a shop it will cost you at least € 32,50, if available!).

Zwerger mit malmappe am athos

With his painting equipment  and a dog on Athos

We wrote many times before about mr. Zwerger, have a look at 1139, 1167, 1119, 954 and 378. Wim, 27/4

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2 Responses to 1543 – new website about Reinhold Zwerger

  1. Ann Hughes says:

    How do I order the older map of Mount Athos?

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