1541- Locate the crosses

We have many frequent Athos visitors among our blogreaders. But do they know every spot on the peninsula? Try to locate the crosses.  Here are the answers.


In the background Skiti Podromou. Cross is standing near the cave of Athanasios.


Ruined chapel in Karyes

3 cross





In the background Lavra. At this point you can either take the path to Podromou or to Lavra.

6cross 4

Near the graveyard of Kavsokalivia.


In the background Iviron.


Filotheou Katholikon bell tower


Chapel on the path from Iviron To Karyes.

Thanks Alex and Bart for your answers. Very good!



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3 Responses to 1541- Locate the crosses

  1. Alex says:

    1. Skiti Prodromou. ( path to the cave of Ag. Athanasios )
    2. Kellion of Holy Trinity in Karyes
    3. Ag. Nilos
    4. Skiti Kafsokalivion
    5. On the path form Prodrmou to skiti Ag. Annas ?
    6. Nea Skiti ?
    7. At first I thought it was Iviron ( view from the well at Iviron ), but actually it’s not….
    8. Filotheou mon. Katholikon bell tower
    9. Chapel on the path from Iviron To Karyes

  2. Bart says:

    5. Stavros (at the end of the climb from Aghia Anna towards Mt Athos)
    7. This is indeed a cross that stands next to a wall at the back of the sawmill in Iviron. I noticed it when visiting Iviron last week!
    9. I agree as well

  3. athosweblog says:

    Thanks Alex and Bart for the answers.Very good!

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