1540 – the monopati from Vatopedi to Esfigmenou

On September 24 2013 we walked from Vatopedi to Esfigmenou, 9.22 km in 2h. 26 minutes. The maximum altitude was 232 meters. You see the route here.

map 4 Vatopedi - EsfigmenouVatopedi - Esfimenou 4Here you can see where I took my pictures

We started in the gardens of Vatopedi:

DSCN2265 (Large)

DSCN2266 (Large)Looking back towards the monastery

DSCN2267 (Large)FoMA signs to Sografou and Esfigmenou

Vatopedi - Esfimenou 1

DSCN2268 (Large)Vatopedi beach: see the blue pin on the right on the picture above DSCN2269 (Large)Looking back to Vatopedi

DSCN2270 (Large)After climbing the first hill you will see this bay (second blue pin on the left, third picture above)Vatopedi - Esfimenou 2

DSCN2271 (Large)At the light blue pin on the plan above: a dried out well

DSCN2272 (Large)

DSCN2272aI tried to highlight the Greek text, but I could’t read/decipher it

DSCN2273 (Large)Newly planted olive trees near the well

DSCN2274 (Large)The wind shaped bushes along the monopatiDSCN2275 (Large)The next bay shows up (see two pins between the well and the next beach on the picture above)

 Vatopedi - Esfimenou 2aThe next beach: 4 pictures

DSCN2276 (Large)FoMA sign to EsfigmenouDSCN2277 (Large)

DSCN2278 (Large)

DSCN2279 (Large)A picture taken from the beach to the inland: a bulldozer working the fields

DSCN2280 (Large)Another Athos beach appears

DSCN2281 (Large)Old signs along the beach

DSCN2282 (Large)From here the path goes inland again, to Esfigmenou

Vatopedi - Esfimenou 2b

DSCN2283 (Large)At the fourth blue pin the path bends to the right (see FoMA signs)

map 4 Vatopedi - Esfigmenou 3

Vatopedi - Esfimenou 3

DSCN2284 (Large)The beautifull path continues to Esfigmenou

DSCN2285 (Large)Time to rest in the shadow and to drink. Just before I took this picture pilgrim GJ saw a large catlike animal jump over the path: a wild cat maybe? (this photo is made at the first blue pin on the picture above). Thorns of blackberries injured GJ’s ear!

DSCN2286 (Large)At the same spot: an old cemented signpost?DSCN2287 (Large)

Vatopedi - Esfimenou 3a

The last 10 pictures from this hike, starting with the one below (light blue pin)

DSCN2288 (Large)DSCN2289 (Large)                                                DSCN2290 (Large)

DSCN2291 (Large)The bay of Esfigmenou approachesmap 4 Vatopedi - Esfigmenou 4 DSCN2292 (Large)The end of the monopati, at an old dirt road, where plants slowly take over

 DSCN2293 (Large)

DSCN2294 (Large)Sign to Efsigmenou and the path back to Vatopedi

DSCN2295 (Large)The small chapel near Esfigmenou

DSCN2296 (Large)

DSCN2297 (Large)After 2,5 h: arriving at the Esfigmenou winery

Wim, 23/4

(next time more about Esfigmenou)

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