1535 – Vatopedi: a photographic overview – 3 – the interior

DSCN2064 (Large)The waiting room in the guesthouse, with the paintings on the wall:

DSCN2066 (Large)          DSCN2067 (Large)

DSCN2068 (Large)                           DSCN2220 (Large)

R0012088 (Large)The hall in front of the facade of the katholicon (photo J. Bakker)

DSCN2072 (Large)DSCN2071 (Large)DSCN2070 (Large)A mural of saints on the outside wall of the exonarthex

DSCN2073 (Large)Fresco from the outside wall of the exonarthex

DSCN2075 (Large)A mural with different kind of animals, eating limbs and head of doomed people: the view was diturbed by scaffoldings, because of the restauration work that was taking place

DSCN2076 (Large)Mosaic above the marble door to the exonarthex (on the right side)

DSCN2074 (Large)Wooden door on the left side of the exonarthex

DSCN2244 (Large)The main entrance of the katholicon with the marble chair on the right (also see 912)

DSCN2221 (Large) DSCN2243 (Large)Relief head from a burial monument decorated with a visage: on the right the cast from the museum, on the left the original from the western facade of the katholicon

DSCN2207 (Large)In the guesthouse: the well known icon of the Panaghia on Athos

R0012091 (Large)In the Vatopedi museum

DSCN2227 (Large) DSCN2232 (Large) DSCN2228 (Large)

DSCN2234 (Large) DSCN2230 (Large)

DSCN2239 (Large)Palm sunday, the feast that was celebrated last Sunday 13/4 in Christian churches

DSCN2235 (Large)The complete icon, with on the right scenes from the Easter events

I will end the overview of Vatopedi with pictures of our team and one of the writer/photographer of this post, helping a monk to sort out the rotten en dried grapes just before dinner (photos Jitze Bakker)

R0012094 (Large)

R0012095 (Large)

Wim, 15/4 (next time we will go to Esfigmenou)


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