1534 – Vatopedi: a photographic overview – 2

Today I will guide you through the courtyard of Vatopedi, showing 19 pictures I shot on 23th September 2013. On the plan below yoy can see where the photos were taken. 02 Vatopedi monastery DSCN2217 K(Large)Let’s start right behind the Katholicon (A), picture number 1 on the plan above DSCN2218 L (Large)Photo 2: from the stairs, in the direction of nr 3 and building H, a wing with cells, a pharmacy (K2) and the tower of Kantakuzinos E – gamma. DSCN2219 M(Large)3: the small courtyard with the hospital wing (K), a fountain (B1) and the chapel of Panteleimon (t) DSCN2245 N (Large) DSCN2246 O(Large)photo 4/5: the half round stairs towards the tower of the Transfiguration of Christ (E a) and defensive walls (E1). The red building left is the chapel (alpha) of Anargyri (Cosmas & Damian) DSCN2247 P(Large)At number 6: the H building (monks cells) with two chapels, one on the lower level, Agios Minas (mu), and one on the higher level, Agios Theodori (labda) DSCN2249 R(Large)photo 7: the H building, monks cells. Behind the trees the chapel of the Holy Girdle – Zoni (beta) DSCN2065 (Large)photo 7a: the Zoni chapel and the bell tower DSCN2248 Q (Large)photo 8: another view a the centre of the courtyard, the bell tower (A1) and the bakery – prosforeio – on the right (gamma 3) DSCN2250 S(Large)nr 9: a fountain (B1) and the Zoni chapel (beta)

DSCN2251 T (Large)photo nr 10: both buildings on foreground (left and right – M and M1) are cellars for food. The right building used to be a treasury, nowadays the museum is at Z1 – 19. In the far end you can see stairs running up to a chapel. This chapel has two levels: the lower level is of Agios Georgios (chi) and the upper level is of Agios Andreas (phi). The red building to the right of the chapels is the guest dining room (gamma-a).

DSCN2260 CC(Large)photo nr 11: looking back to the guesthouse and the Zoni-chapel (H and beta). Building M is here on the left.

DSCN2257 Z(Large)nr 12: behind the trapeza (gamma)

DSCN2258 AA (Large)Photo 13: the “restored” wing, with the museum – icon and sculpture gallery

DSCN2214 (Large)This picture from the destroyed wing shows how bad the fire was and what had to be restored.

DSCN2259 BB(Large)photo 14: nowadays a pergola leads from the modern kitchen to the trapeza

DSCN2253 V(Large)nr 15: The katholicon, the clock tower and the phiale (A, A2 and B)

DSCN2077 (Large)15a: the clock tower and phiale, seen from the trapeza

DSCN2255 X(Large)nr 16: the trapeza with two fountains

DSCN2254 W(Large)nr 17: the phiale or holy bowl

DSCN2256 Y(Large)photo 18: the old kitchen buildings with bakery and flour store (gamma 1, 2 and 4). Delta a is the former gate, E theta is the tower of Prodromos and chapel k is also of the Prodromos.

DSCN2262 (Large)nr 19: remnants of classical times from the town of Olophyxus?

Wim, 13/4

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