1530 – Vatopedi: a photographic overview – 1

Let’s take a closer look at the Vatopedi monastery. On the plan below we start at nr 1, the main entrance. The numbers refer to the places where the pictures are taken.

02 Vatopedi monastery.01

DSCN2204 A(Large)Number 1: the main entrance

DSCN2206 C (Large)Nr 2: the kiosk or waiting pavilion (P), seen from the entrance

DSCN2205 B(Large)nr 3: the mural in the vaulted dome in the main entrance

DSCN2205anr 3: detail of the mural: the Father, Son and Holy Gost

DSCN2210 G(Large)nr 4: the guesthouse/archondariki and the chapel of the Holy Girdle (Agia Zoni). B1 on the plan all are fountains. We had a room in the attic:

DSCN2242 (Large)

DSCN2209 D(Large)nr 5: view from the guesthouse (the balcony near E k), north east direction.

DSCN2208 F(Large)nr 6: the chimneys of the guesthouse

DSCN2211 H(Large)nr 7: the katholicon (A) and the clocktower (A2), with a roofed well on the right and the chandlery (N) on the left

DSCN2212 I (Large)nr 8: a wing of cells

DSCN2215 J(Large)nr 9: the courtyard in front of the exo narthex of the katholicon. On the right the trapeza and on the left the phiale (B), with the bell- tower behind it (A-1).

Wim Voogd, 4/4/14


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