1528 – Nelios and Megali Sara


Arriving at the kellion Nelios we found nobody there. The kellion consists of a couple of houses on a plateau. The main house is restored not too long ago. We saw a new roof, walls and wood work. We had a short rest there before going to the chapel (see post 1519).


We found this barn near the kellion. Athonian still life. Functional beauty. Bended nails hang ropes, leather and chains. It is all equipment for mules. Nelios is not accessible for cars. On the floor, bottom right, lies a scissor (not a pair of).


This is the plateau with terraced olive trees. The dome shaped chapel is the kellion of Nelios. The dramatic backdrop is the top of Mount Athos. The top is not the highest point visible. An enlargement of this picture shows the iron cross on the summit. (see post : 1470 for more details).

Just passed Nelios on the way to Prodromou is an immense stone fall: the Megali Sara. An earthquake caused the avalanche in 1905 (see post 1468).


The perspective of this picture is slightly deceptive. It is not as steep as is suggested. Watch the horizon and the two tiny pilgrims (Herman and Jacques) on top who walk the path.


This is an overview derived from Google Earth. On the left hand site is Nilos, on the brownish plateau. The white path is clearly visible in the grey avalanche.


Though the path is clearly visible from the heavens, it is hard to find on the spot. The path goes from the bottom right of the picture towards the middle. This path is relatively new to Athonian standards. It was formed after the avalanche of 1905 by monks walking the loose stones. In the distance we saw a shoal of dolphins playing in the waters.

Bas Kamps

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