1525 – The tranquility of Kavsokalivia

Kavsokalivia is the return point for the boat from Dafni. It takes a short walk up hill, with a lot of stairs, to arrive there. The place is known for the icon painters. For me the place is one of the most peaceful and quiet places on Mount Athos. The hamlet lies in a mountain basin. Houses are scattered around the place, terraced above each other.  The sun sets early behind a mountain ridge.  In the early mornings the sun doesn’t reach Kavsokalivia. There is no traffic. No cars or vans. Only footpaths. Some mules. No rush hour. No rush at all.

Here two of my favorite pictures of Kavsokalivia, which I took in September 2013. The photographs reflect the tranquility and peacefulness of this skiti.

kamps 1

kamps 2

Bas Kamps

bas at kavso Bas Kamps at Kavsokalivia (hv)

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