1524 – hike Bogoroditsa – Vatopedi / Athonias

Bogoroditsa - Vatopedikopie

map 3 Bogoroditsa - Vatopedi 1In the late afternoon I had to walk back from Bogoroditsa to Vatopedi: most of the time I could walk over monopati’s, but also over dirt roads. The distance is 5.34 km and it took me 56 minutes, with a totall ascent of 113 meters and descent of 422 (the name Agiou Dimitriou on this map and on Google maps is wrong: this is Bogoroditsa/Xylourgou!) .

The first foto is taken at number 1 on the first map.

DSCN2193 (Large)Two signs indicating the junction of two roads, one going down to Bogoroditsa and the other goes to in the direction of Vatopediou

DSCN2194 (Large)At the same spot at 1: the path going down to Karyes with a FoMa sign

Bogoroditsa junctionThe junction of roads and paths at Bogoroditsa

The next two pictures are shot at number 2:

DSCN2195 (Large)Here the monopati start to Vatopedi

DSCN2196 (Large)The FoMA sign to Vatopediou and communication antennes with solar energy on the background

Bogoroditsa - Vatopedi antennesThe place where the monopati starts and where the communication station is

DSCN2197 (Large)At number 3: another FoMA sign on the path to Vatopedi

Vatopedi monopati 3Spot number 3: the Vatopedi monopati

DSCN2198 (Large)Crossing roads Pantocratoros/Karyes – Vatopedi

DSCN2199 (Large)Spot 4: the ancient ruins of Athonias. In post 1442 I promised you to show you more pictures of there ruins, but it was getting late and I had to hurry to be back in time. Next time I hope to take a closer look!

DSCN2200 (Large)The aqueduct belonging to the old school

DSCN2201 (Large)The ruins of the school

DSCN2238 (Large)A model of the Athonias complex in the Vatopedi museum

AthoniasAthonias ruins

DSCN2202 (Large)Vatopedi monastery from spot 5

DSCN2203 (Large)North wing of the monastery: the guesthouse

Wim Voogd, 16/3

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