1509 – Money letters to the Kellion of the Exaltation of the Cross (Timiou Stavrou)

exal 1Many is already said about the Kellion Timiou Stavrou. In 1986 my brother for the first time discovered the unknown kellion and in 2011 he went back returning a wax stamp he had taken with him in 1986 when the buildings were deserted. I visited the kellion in 2013 and took these pictures.

exal2 exal3Greek father David is now living in what once was a Ukrainian settlement. We didn’t meet him in 2013. He was probably resting. Workers did maintenance and restored parts of the buildings.exaltation 1

When visiting in 1986 my brother found a lot of paper, prints and even passports laying on the floors of the empty buildings. At that time he didn’t see any letters or envelopes but they had to be there because nowadays these letters are turning up at Ebay. Letters from countries as Serbia, Ukraine and Russia. Many of these were money letters, gifts to the kellion. Apparently someone took these letters and discovered that there is a market for these items. People are collecting these letters and envelopes. That is why these letters turn up at the Ebay auction, sometimes for prices up to EUR 25- 75 and even more. I would suggest that whoever is making money with these letters should donate a part of the profit to father David to support him with the restauration of the kellion.

exaltation3      exaltation2Two more examples of money letters in French adressed to Obitel de L’Exaltation de la Croix , pere Afanasy.

exal5                                             exal4


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