1499 – Athos glossary

libraryWhen reading books about the Holy Mountain many words and terms are not immedeately clear. Here are a few examples:


a screen, with doors, which divides the nave from the sanctuary and on which icons are placed in a fixed order


the idiorrhythmic monasteries are directed by two annually changed trustees, helped by the Assembly of ten or fifteen leading monks (proοstameni), whose decisions they enforce and from among whom they are chosen. Individuals retain personal property, eat their meals in their cells, and are left to their own judgement concerning personal austerity.

Jesus Prayer

‘Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner’; also termed Prayer of the Heart


a monastic dwelling, usually small, sometimes with a chapel attached, and either independent or belonging to a skete (q.v.

Here you find a complete Mount Athos glossary. Many, often typical, Athos words are explained.



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