1493 – Christ Anapeson in the Protaton

3Engelen le baron

The interior of the  10th century Protaton church in Karyes is not much photographed. But French photographer Roger Le Baron made a whole serie of photo’s of the inside in 1918. The cracks (caused by the 1905 earthquake?) in the wall are now restored.4engelenMore detailed shot by Le Baron. Right above the door an image of Jesus as a child in a sleeping pose (Jesus dormant in French or Christ Anapeson). On both sides the archangels Michael and Gabriel. This is what the Byzantine museum says about the Christ figure: Christ is depicted in the iconographic type of the Anapeson (“[Christ] Recumbent”), that is as a sleeping child.  This type, inspired by a phrase in the Old Testament, is considered an allegory of the death and resurrection of the Lord.  2christ sleeping 5 jesus
Christ Anapeson. It is not sure of these wallpaintings are made by the great Manuel Panselinos in 1290.

1gabriel millet

The archangel Gabriel.

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-29 om 15.16.08The Protaton in Karyes in 2013


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