1492 – The arsanas of Lavra: Mandraki

mandr 0This is the location of the harbour of the oldest monastery on Mt. Athos: Lavra. After a rather long walk coming from Kavsokalivia (sept. 2013) I decided to descend a little further to the coast to make pictures of the arsanas. I searched for the old cobbled footpath but couldn’t find it so I took the dirtroad. Finally I got there and I filmed this:

mandr 4 mandr 2

The dam completes the natural harbour which is not very much in use because the ferry will not come when there is too much wind and too many waves.

mandr 1The arsanas of Lavra.

 mandarki 1870  mandraki 1846

A photo made in 1870 when the dam was already build and a drawing made by the Frenchman Papety in 1846.

mand monopati Schermafbeelding 2013-12-28 om 16.47.43

At close range of the arsanas I finally discovered the old footpath ending abruptly at the dirtroad. When I walked back to the monastery I made a picture of the electricity house of the monastery dominated by the loud noise of the heavy generators inside.                     Schermafbeelding 2013-12-28 om 16.47.30Then I arrived just in time to eat at the old trapeza of Lavra.


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  1. alex says:

    How long did it take you to get from Lavra to the Arsana?

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