1486 – Mount Athos maps

1Ortelius, Abraham (1527-1598) 1585 Thrace by Abraham Ortelius 158521585Detail Ortelius 1585 with the names of the pre christian villages 4"Is. de Tasso et Montesanto" hand coloured copper-engraving of Chalkidiki, Mount Athos, Thasos & mainland by Alain Manesson MALLET, 1686,1719 German ed. 3 De Tasso et Montesanto, hand coloured copperengraving of Chalkidiki by Alain Manesson Mallet 1686 1719 5Carte du Sud-est de la Chalcidique, avec les presqu'îles du Mont-Athos de Longos et de partie de Cassandra 1780 Chalkidiki map 178061780 1780 3 1780 2         The French map of 1780 in details. Its an unique but inaccurate drawing. Interesting to study and to see where the artist went wrong in locating the monasteries. The name of the map is: Carte du Sud-est de la Chalcidique, avec les presqu’îles du MontAthos…. 7griekse kaart8detail 1 2 Schermafbeelding 2013-12-19 om 20.23.29

Greek map date unknown


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  1. mocanitze says:

    I wrote a book about my experiences in Athos.
    In addition to my pictures, I want to use two of the maps you published on this page of the site.
    Can you give me the right to publish it?
    I draw a parallel between the modern map and the past.

    Valentin Beloiu

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