1471 – the Vatopediou harbor and Derek Hill (art)

DSCN2052 (Large)At the end of the peer of Vatopediou you will find a small building, on this picture just under the yellow construction crane.

Vatopediou 1876 detailOn this engraving from 1876 the kiosk is also to be seen.

DSCN2051 (Large)Old houses on Vatopediou coast.

When I took a closer look I found out that the small building at the end of the peer was a fountain:DSCN2056 (Large)And in its wall I found this memorial stone:

DSCN2055 (Large)

The stone tells about the restoration of the fountain and the kiosk in 2004, in memory of the painter Derek Hill. We showed some of his paintings/drawings in post 439 and 1139.

I found another Athos painting of Derek Hill:

(c) Derek Hill Foundation; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Derek Hill – Mount Athos, waiting for the earley boat 1980

Wim, 9/11

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