1469 – Docheiariou 26 September 2013: the sound of the semantron and bells

DSCN2798aOn September 26 this year we ended our Athos trip in Docheiariou, for me it was 33 years ago I visited this monastery.

020 Athos DocheiariouDocheiariou 1980

After it got dark we ended up on a balcony, where this picture was taken 33 years ago. We enjoyed the sunset and the thousands of stars that appeared above us. This evening in church the important feast of the “Exhaltation of the Cross” was celebrated. In total darkness – there were no electric lamps lit that evening – a monk started playing his rithem on the semantron, the wooden beam that is used to warn all monks that the service in church is about to begin. This evening the monk played an extra long and complicated rithem, and not long afterwards he started playing a melody on the bells, also much longer and more beautifull than I ever heard before!

014 a Athos Sografou semantronSografou 1980: a monk walking around the church with the semantron

I was lucky to bring my camera and “film” this event, the only thing is, IT WAS TOTALLY DARK! So you won’t see any images, you can only hear the sound. When you listen to this extraordinary and amazing “sound-film”, I would advice to use a headphone and to close your eyes for 8:24 minutes! Enjoy !

04-10 Timiou Stavrou 8Father David of Timiou Stavrou playing his bells in 2011

021 Athos DocheiariouDocheiariou 1980

Wim, 30/10

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