1459 – leaving for Athos from Ierissos instead

After visiting Athos 8 times it was about time to take the alternative route, starting in Ierissos. So in the morning of 23th of September 2013 we took a taxi from Ouranopolis to Ierissos for € 10 and 15 minutes later we arrived on quay of Ierissos (08.00 h).

Here the brand new boat Panaghia was waiting for us in the harbor, but first we had to receive our Diamonitirion.

DSCN1989 (Large)

DSCN1990 (Large)At 08.15 h other pilgrims and workers started arriving, and soon after a small car of the pilgrimsoffice arrived, with bunch of Diamonitirions in it:

DSCN1991 (Large)People crowded together to get their permit

DSCN1992 (Large)And after showing our passports and paying € 30 we got our Diamonitirion. Everything worked out OK, the message that we wanted to leave from the other side had reached the mr Christos Lolis from the Pilgrimsbureau, thank you !

DSCN1993 (Large)Two happy pilgrims in front of the new boat. We were told that because of the rough sea the boat only went as far as Vatopedi and not to Pantocratoros, as we had planned in advance. We think that only five out of the 30 or 40 passengers had the wish to go Pantocratoros, so the captain didn’t  feel like bringing us five (?).

DSCN1994 (Large)The prize of this boattrip to Vatopedi is € 17 p/p, so twice as expensive as the boat to Dafni and probably even more expensive, if you can go all the way up to Pantocratoros (or Iviron or even to Karakalou). The boat leaves at 08.35 h. If you want to read more about leaving from Iersissos, have a look here.

DSCN1995 (Large)Leaving the harbor of Ierissos

DSCN1996 (Large)And then full speed towards Cape Arapis

Wim, 17/10

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