1440 – Kitchens in Monasteries

kitchen vatoped Vatopedi National geographic 1916                                                                   kitchen xerapot 1942                  Xerapotammou 1942                                                                                             kitchen sografou wim 1997 kitchen kelion kafeneio              Sografou 1997  Wim Voogd            unknown kellion Kafeneio 2003                            kitchen dyonisiou Bruggencate 1967  Dionysiou J.P. ten Bruggencate 1967                                                                                                        kitchen Grigoriou wimkitchen epifanios        Grigoriou Wim Voogd                                           Mylopotamos Wim Voogd 2009                          kitchen esfi2.php  Esfigmenou Fosphoto.com                                                                                                                 kitchen esfig Esfigmenou Herman Voogd 2009


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