1439 – The stairs from Sk. Anna to the harbour

1The guestquarters of Skiti Anna. To reach the harbour of the skiti you will have to take the stairs.                                   2300 meters below you see the harbour (arsanas)                                                                              34

Supplies are transported by mule, pilgrims have to walk.                                             6  5  7 On your way you often encounter mules and there is a ruined house.                                         8The stone avalanch which you will see also if you climb further up in the direction of Stavros and the summit of Mount Athos. Here a photo my brother made in 1986 higher up 9                             10                     Looking back to where we started.          This spring is close to the harbour itself.                     11Finally the harbour of Skiti Anna where you can take the boat to Dafni or Kavsokalivia.


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