1437 – Panteleimons ruins

panteleimonos 1980 met pijlAround 1980 a lot of buildings of the Panteleimonos complex  were still more or less intact. Especially the storage and livingquarters up the hill in the top middle of this photograph. They are abandoned but they still have roofs.                                                                        panteleimonos vanuit ongebruikelijke hoekHere on the left of the picture the same buildings again. This postcard is printed before 1918, probably before the Russian revolution. This was the time that appr. 3000 monks were living in the monastery.  According to Mylonas these are storage buildings but I suspect that one time monks lived here also.                                                                                                               pant ruins

On this last picture it is clear that the buildings are in a terrible state. When my brother and I visted the monastery in 2009 we walked to this section of the monastery terrain and climbed in the ruins. There was a strong wind and stones and wood were falling down.


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