1433 – cards and maps

Here are some more rare cards from Athos and a few maps:

I will start with this Russian card from 1908, strangly enough with Mary and a LOT a women setting foot on the Holy Mountain and climbing it! can anyone translate the text?

card with women on Athos

card with mountainAnother card – Greek this time -from Lavra and the Mountain.

ships and mountainThe same spot: Ships sailing in front of the Mountain: 1899

Panaghia on Athos iconYet another one: an icon of the Pananghia and the Mountain

map athos French etchingAn old French engraving of Le Mont Athos

map athos oldAnother old map – English 1882

map russianRussian map

map Athos with roadOn this map the maker already had plans for a road along the Athonian coast!

Map of Athos 1875map 1875

OdenseA French map, from a Danish museum in Odense

Wim, 25/7 (happy holidays, I’ll be back in September!)

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3 Responses to 1433 – cards and maps

  1. Hans Overduin says:

    The first map shows the legendary scene when Mary, the mother of Jesus/God, is ready to set foot on Athos. AFTER she did, she declared Athos her personal garden where no women are allowed but she.

  2. “The Peace Virus” by Ulysses Nico DAgris
    A modern story set on holy Mount Athos.

  3. Panteleimon says:

    The text on and under the first picture says: “Mother of God visits Mount Athos. Printing allowed by the Censorship Committee, 1908”

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