1428 – more old pictures from Mount Athos

The facebook page of Haritopoulos Stathis is a goldmine for rare and old Athos pictures. Today I share some of his old pictures: and just as in our last post,I think I need the help of our readers, because Haritopoulos not always explained where and on which moment the pictures were taken and how he obtained them. Here is the first:

old picture with monksPhoto 1: A gathering of many monks near a large Katholicon in a wide courtyard (Vatopediou maybe?) Date unknown.

old picture military monks VatopediPhoto 2: military and monks, clearly this is Vatopedi. Date unknown, around WW I.

old picture military and monk 2Photo 3: miltary (or Greek resistance forces?) in a Russian settlement (?), also around WWI.

old picture military on stairsPhoto 4: military on a stairs with monks and Efzone, around WWI

old picture LavraPhoto 5: military in Lavra with monks, around WWI

old picture efzonesPhoto 6: Efzones, with fine hats and binoculars. Around 1910/20?, place unknown.

old picture 1912Photo 7: agian military with monks, unknown place, date 2 November 1912

old picture 2-11-1912Photo 8: Greek/Macedonian freedom fighters on Athos, 1912

old picture BasiliouPhoto 9: old picture Agiou Basiliou

old picture ChromitsaPhoto 10: old picture Metoxi Chromitsa

Wim, 8/7

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1 Response to 1428 – more old pictures from Mount Athos

  1. Vasilis says:

    Photo 7 shows Greek soldiers en monks at Kerasiá, liberation from the Ottoman empire, as well as photo 4 at Kafsokalívia see: http://agioritikesmnimes.blogspot.nl/2011/11/134.html . So, before WW I, during the time of the so-called Balkan Wars.

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