1427 – Panteleimonos changed fast begin 20th century

46478.bThis is the Russian monastery of Panteleimonos in app. 1870- 1890. The building are there but it looks smaller that the recent situation. No clocktower and no seaside guesthouse. This print is one of the first images of the monastery.panteleimon c 1900Then the seaside guesthouse was build (1910?) and there are more towers in the background. Presumably the church was build. And clearly the clocktower.rossicon 1900The huge guesthouse now in detail. Was it always a guesthouse or originally build for the monks? It was of course the time that there were many Russians on Athos.  rossiconThe building with the guestrooms is now renovated. Ready for many Russian pilgrims if the Greek allow it.


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