1420 – Large tree trunks on the Mylopotamos beach

mylopo treeTwo large tree trunks are lying on the beach of the vineyard of Mylopotamos. Washed up on the shore. But were did they came from? From Turkey?  These are big trees not the kind you encounter that many in the Athos natural environment apart from the big cypresses in some monasteries. How long are they laying there? Could be for many many years. Another theory is that they were trees originated from Mount Athos and that they came by the Mylopotamos river which you see on the right of the picture. Questions not that important, I admit,  but it makes you wonder. Thinking about these untouched beaches were no tourist has ever swam.

myopotamosMount athos in the background.mylopo tree2Close up of one of the trunks with Mylopotamos in the background. Mylopotamos famous for its wines and home of father Epifanios and father Joachim.


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