1408 – Nea Skiti in 2011

nea skiti firesNea Skiti is located between Paulou and Skite Anna. Here the Keliotes (appr. 60 ) burn their waste , I guess. A ruin of a small tower on the beach. nea skiti towerThis could be an old defense tower. Although the name suggests the settlement is rather new it is from the 18th century. But people had lived here for ages because they discovered coins and finds from sarcophagi here.nea skiti defense This is the (medieval?) defense tower erected by the monks of Paulou. The skiti is under the jurisdiction of the Paulou monasterynea skitiNea Skiti as seen from the path between Paulou and  Sk. Anna. Watch the sun collectors. The skiti has their own website also in English.


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