1406 – Patriarch Bartolomew and President Viktor Yanukovych

patr putinIn october 2011 there were rumors in the bars of Ouranoupolis that maybe President Putin would visit Mount Athos again. So we made fun about it. But it turned out to be that other distinguished guests planned a visit: The Patriarch and the president of the Ukraine.patr pier A lot of police, ambulances and security on the peer of Ouranoupolis. patr 5Press, navy, clergy everybody was there on the 7th october 2011.

patri 3
Then a dozen cars with blinded windows with Yanukovych arrived. Police acted very nervous and it was impossible to stay on the peer. So we did not see the Ukranian presidentpatri1 Friend Jitze managed to take a nice picture of Patriarch Bartolomew before he entered the boat to the Holy Mountain.

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-01 om 16.39.01
patri boat


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