1402 – Paleo Monastiro by Barsky

paleo monast barskypal mon zoomWith the drawing of Barsky made in 1744 we now can determine the exact position of Old Roussikon or Paleo Monastiro. The defense tower on the far left and the wall with an entrance gate is to be seen on the drawing but also on the photograph (late 19th century). The wall with the entrance gate on the photo is the last part of the original monastery  and maybe the workers, sitting at a table taking a rest,  are tearing the walls down. On the right on the photo you see also a part of the old monastery wall. On that spot you find nowadays the new church. The white building is new and nowadays still intact . Also the defense tower is still there. On the drawing some kind of transport system crosses the canyon that maybe could bring food from the land to the monastery.. The canyon (black line on the drawing) devides the monastery from the fields on the foreground. See also here.

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Paleo Monastiro is located 400 meters above Panteleimonos


old roussikon

Another old picture from the Old Roussikon, before the large church was build. The section in the far corner, a tower with a vaulted roof, is obviously the oldest part, because it is also to be seen on the Barski drawing. So this is only part of from the original building, build long before 1744, that is still in use (picture thanks to www.isihazm.ru)


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