1396 – a visit to Chromitsa 2011 nr 5: wine tasting by Tsantali

The main goal to our visit to Chromitsa was a winetasting at the Tsantali winery.

Mr Christos Bitsios, the Tsantali manager who kindly showed us around and explained us everything about the history of the Tsantali company and the Chromitsa vineyards, started the tour with coffee and glass of tsipourou.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 2606-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 24wim2

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 25The view from Chromitsa: Ouranopolis

tsantali chrom klein

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 20

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 21          06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 22The grapes and vines of Chromitsa: different varieties are kept, not only traditional Greek ones, but also of French origin.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 29These “vieilles vignes” are the vines that create the iconic wine “Kormilitsa” (‘nurse’), the housewine of the Kremlin

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 13The building were the Chromitsa wine is kept and where the winetasting takes place (building A – for a plan look here).

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 12The view from building A: the vineyard with a small chapel in its middle

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 14

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 16

Inside building A

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 80 06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 81

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 82

The wine is kept in French oak tanks and barrels. The wine is not produced at the Chromitsa vinerery but at the Agios Pavlos head office of Tsantali in Nea Kalikratia Halkidiki. Presumeably they bring the barrels back to Chromitsa, to let their better wines – like the Avaton – age at the place of harvesting (?).

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 84

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 85  06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 86


the Tsantali top wine: Abaton

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 87

Christos Bitsios and your webmaster

In a short while I will give you the results of the Dutch jury, who tasted different Athos wines, like the Tsantali Abaton and Kormelitsa, the Mylopotamos and the Monoxylites wines.

Wim, 20/5 

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  1. Vasílis says:

    Interesting: ‘Its name is Kormilitsa and bears the title of Kremlin’s Official Wine.’ The wine served to official guests in Moscow Kremlin, Russia, who are usually leaders of foreign states, is made in the vineyards of Mount Athos. You may read this in an article by Greek Reporter: http://greece.greekreporter.com/2013/05/23/kremlins-wine-is-made-in-mount-athos/

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