1387 – Athanasius well

bron atha

The well of Athanasius in app. 1875 is situated on the road to Lavra. Saint Athanasius the Athonite, is considered the founder of cenobitic monasticism on Mount Athos. Born in Trapezont, he led the ascetic life first in Olympus of Bithynia, in the lavra of Michael Maleinos. From there he moved to Athos and in 963, with the help of the Emperor Nicephoros Phocas, he founded the oldest monastery of the Mountain, Megisti Lavra were his tomb is. More information about the cave where he used to live here.


The same place in 2007. The holy water is still running. Photo by Wim.


Wallpainting of Athanasius by Panselinos. Photo by Le Baron when he was on Mount Athos in 1917 with the French army (with a modern color version).


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