1386 – reservation to stay overnight in a monastery?

Odessa Athos rekening

A bill from a hotel in Odessa for a Russian Athos pilgrim – 1915

When visiting Mount Athos many monateries or sketes require an advance reservation if you want to stay there overnight. Currently these 13 places need a reservation:

St Anne’s
Nea Skete
Russikon brief 1919
A letter from Roussikon – 19??
A night at the winery of Mylopotamos of Father Epifanos also needs a reservation: this will cost you € 50,00, including diner and wine.
Until recently non-orthodox pilgrims were not allowed to sleep at Skiti Prof. Eliou, in September 2013 I will try to find out if this is still the case.
reservation form FOMA
The Friends of Mount Athos-site helps you with a bilingual PDF-reservation request, to be downloaded/seen here.  
Do not try to call on Sundays or great holidays (look here for the telephone numbers). 
Athos russian document
A leaflet or Dipiscia (?)= summary, to order you prayers, of Bogoroditsa: compare it with the one I found in Timiou Stavrou kellion.
Wim, 7/5
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