1383 – four (long) Russian films about Athos

The first is a long film (1.07.36) in Russian on YouTube from 1998 with images of the main settlements: Paleo monasterio, Xylurgu/Bogoroditsa, Panteleimonos and skiti Eliou.

russian film 1998

russian film 1998 2

I couldn’t embed the movie, click on the link above.

The second film dates from 2011 and is about Vatopedi (1.42.45), with long interviews with the abbot Ephraim.

The third film, also from 2011, is 51.17 minutes, with images from President Putin visiting Athos in 2005 at 32.40:

russian film 2011 with Putin 2005

From 37.oo you can see unique shots of caves in Karoulia!

russian film 2011 caves and skull

The fourth Russian film is from 2012 (56.23). At 47.43 you can the 2012 fires!

Wim, 1/5

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