1382 – a visit to Chromitsa 2011 nr 4

Today we take a closer look at the last two buildings of the Chromitsa metochi, numbers G and J on the map below:

tsantali chromitsa plan

The large building G, with its different architecture with a large balcony that runs around it, the rounded corners and with a built-inn church, is still in use by some Russian monks. The other building J is a church, with a graveyard around it and a ossuary on the ground floor.

tsantali chromitsa kaart 4

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 31Building G, with vines around and stairs that lead up to the terrace

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 79On the terrace of building G: looking back through the grapevines: builing A and E

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 65Building G in detail: the large balcony with a magnificant view over the sea and the peninsula. The church is on the right

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 66The “built-inn church”

chromitsa churchI found this picture from an iconostasis of church in Chromitsa on the internet: although I am not quite sure, I think this must the interior of the small “built-inn church”.

06-10 building G detail

The building G was build in 1908: that makes it 23 year younger than the nearby watertap from 1885. This information also proves that building A/B, the hospital/winery, is build after the year 1908 (also see post 1375).

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 72Building G seen from the other side, with an annex attached to main building.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 78The passage between builing G and its annex.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 73Church J

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 68Church J: on the ground floor you can find the ossuary and on the first floor a church

chromitsa church 2

Again a picture of a iconostasis that I found on the internet, probably of building J

chromitsa church I

The front of the building, with on the first floor a church

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 70

The door to the church on the first floor was closed: I could peep through a hole and I saw skulls lying on the ground.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 69

The ground floor / ossuary in 2011: it is clear that restauration activities are taking place: below two pictures of the old situation and how it would be nowadays.

chromitsa ossuarium

Chromitsa ossuarium isihazm

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 74The graveyard: all bones of the deceased monks bones are exhumed and kept in a ossuary

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 75

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 76Even the old clothes and the shoes of the monk are placed in a basked.

chromitsa graveyard1 chromitsa graveyard2

Two pictures from the internet of the graveyard

Because time was running out and I had to join the group for a winetasting, I did not have the opportunity the photograph building H: here a photo, also from the internet:

chromitsa buildings 4

Building H

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 11

This is a picture of one of the surrounding (storage?) buildings, in the left corner in the picture below.

tsantali chromitsa kaart 6

And the last pictures I want to show you are from an artificial lake somewhere near Chromitsa (also found on the internet), dating from 1901.

chromitsa lake

chromitsa lake 1901

Wim, 30/4

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    I like the older photograph of the ossuary. The older photograph shows more character to the place. That is the problem with some restoration work…you lose the rustic and interesting quality sometimes.

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