1378 – a visit to Chromitsa 2011 nr 3

In post 1373  and 1375 I started the blog about Chromitsa. Today I will continue in the courtyard D of building A/B. This large building has been build last (after 1885), as we have seen on the pictures that I found inside this building.

Chromitsa plan 001

Plan of Chromitsa

 06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 38Building C is the ruined church: here a picture of the facade. Although I do not have no knowledge about construction techniques, it is obvious that this structure did not last long.  It was build in 1882 and on most pictures I have seen the building already was in a very poor condition after some years.

chromitsa church 1

These two smaller pictures of the church from some years ago show that my hypotheses about the bad quality of the construction is true. The roof must have collapsed quite soon. 

chromitsa courtyard

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 32Today wild pigs are kept in the courtyard (D).

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 34The courtyard D with building A/B on the left.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 40The gate to the courtyard, leading to area E.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 39When you look up a creaky balcony is dangerously hanging above you.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 35Now we are just outside the gate in area E with a roofed bench, water tap and a door leading to a corridor between two buildings.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 61Peeping through the door gives you this view: a corridor between two builldings with wooden connection between them

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 62The wooden bench in E

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 63The water tap with the year 1885 engraved above it

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 42A memorial stone that marks the restauration of building A/B by Tsantali in 1994

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 64When you pass area E you will see an oven on your right and building/church G in the background

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 43Looking up with the same oven left and the restaurated windmill (K) high up: there was an abundance of oregani at this place, which tasted well in the Meditteranean meals I made, after returning home.

chromitsa buildings

chromitsa buildings 2

Two older pictures of this part of Chromitsa

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 60The gate leading to the courtyard D (seen from E)

Wim, 23/4

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