1377 – the 20 monasteries in early photographs

This collection of photo’s was donated by the grand duke Konstantin Romanov to the Panteleimonos monastery when he was visiting in 1881.  Photos are dated 1867-1872. One of the oldest images of the monasteries. Starting with nr. 1 in rank Lavra ending with nr. 20 Konstamonitou.

1 lavra

2 vatopedi 3 iviron 4 chilandariou 5 diony 6 koutloumous 7 pantocra 8 xirapotomou 9 sografu 10 dochiariou 11 karakalou 12 filotheou 13 sim petr 14 paulou 15 stavro 16 xenofontos 17 grigoriou 18 esfigm 19 pantelkonstamonitou-1870

20 konstamonitou

This last picture is the then Russian skiti Profitou Eliou almost unrecognizable because in the current situation there are larger buildings and a large church and no windmill anymore.  For a description of all the photos look here.

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3 Responses to 1377 – the 20 monasteries in early photographs

  1. athosweblog says:

    Should this not be the Profitou Eliou skete? look here: http://www.pravoslavie.ru/foto/image735.htm

  2. athosweblog says:

    You are right. Did you find Konstamonitou in the pravoslavie collection?

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