1376 – The top of Mount Athos

Begin october 2011 Peter, Jacques, Wim, Bas en Herman from Holland walked in app. 10/11 hours to the summit of Mount Athos afterwards returning to Skite Anna. Two started the trip from Skiti Prodromou. Three of us began the hike in Paulou monastery. Both groups started the trip on a height of 100 meters, climbed to the summit which is at 2026 meter and ended the hike at 200 meter above sealevel.

athos 2011 240My brother Wim is almost there.

athos 2011 244A new chapel (Metamorphosis) is build. Materials can only come in carried  by mules.

athos 2011 254The new chapel is much bigger then the old one. They had to blast the marble boulders to get the space and to flatten the surface.

athos 2011 262
athos 2011 253
athos 2011 257
athos 2011 250

athos 2011 263
Herman Voogd

Peter                    Jacques                       Wim                   Bas                                 Herman


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