1373 – the visit to Chromitsa 2011 nr 1

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 28

In all these years I visited Mount Athos I had the idea to pay a visit to the Chromitsa settlement, which you can see lying on the hils above Ouranopolis. Chromitsa is a metochi of the Roussikon/Panteleimonos monastery and a former hospital. Since 1976 it is a vineyard of the Tsantali company.

tsantali chromitsa 1976

In 2009 my efforts were in vain, but in 2011 I finally succeeded to arrange a visit to this special part of Mount Athos, that is rarely visited by pilgrims, because you are not allowed to cross the border on footh. With the generous help and hospitality of mister Christos Bitzios from Tsantali we finally got a change to visit the vineyards and buildings of Chromitsa in 2011.  First we planned to arrange a visit by taking a boattaxi from Dafni to Jovanitsa, but because of circumstances we ended up going back to Ouranopolis and the next day we were allowed to visit the Holy Mountain by walking through the gate, that normally is closed for everyone!

 06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 1

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 4

On the other site of the gate a Tsantali bus was waiting for us.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 6

After a short trip uphill we arrived at the vineyard of Chromitsa.

06-10 Ouranopolis Chromitsa 88

In next posts I will try to give you a detailed description of all buildings of this Athos settlement, with the litmited knowledge I have, because information is very scarce. Photo’s will speak for themselves, I hope.

With the help of an areal picture of Chromitsa I made this plan of the buildings:

tsantali chromitsa plan

I numbered the buildings/places from A to K:

A – main builing/hospital

B – main building/winecellars

C – ruined church

D – courtyard + shed (for the wild pigs)

E – surrounding building (for staff/workers?)

F – two more surrounding buildings

G – large building still in use by Russian monks + church

H – low building, also in use by monks

I – church and ossuaruim

J – graveyard

K – windmill

tsantali chromitsa kaart 6The aerial picture I used

tsantali chromitsa buildings 3Another view of all buildings

tsantali chromitsa buildings 2The vineyards with te restaurated windmill.

tsantali chromitsa church 1A view from the other side, with the island Amouliani in the background.

Wim, 19/4

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