1371 – Waiting at Dafni harbour

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This is the harbour of Dafni where you start your stay on Athos if you want to go to Karyes or to the other side of the peninsula to Vatopedi or Lavra. You can also enter on various other harbours of different monasteries. But many pelgrims begin and end their stay here.  In the top right corner the monastery of Xiropotamou. The bus to Karyes will take you there. The photo shows the backyards of the harbour houses. Here you can take a taxi to Simonas Petras if you have a reservation.

athos 2011 123 The same spot as above with an old church.

athos 2011 129
The harbour of Dafni with one of the watertaxis you can hire. On the right the taverna whre you can eat and have a beer.

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Custom officers walking around. Men are waiting for the ferry to arrive and men feeding the fishes.

athos 2011 124

Pilgrim Jacques waiting in the taverna for the boat, preparing for the hike from Gregoriou to Paulou in 2011.


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