1365 – Mount Athos icon (from Denmark)


Never seen before, a Mount Athos icon/painting, (of high quality!), made in Denmark by Charlotte Weppenaar Pedersen. The icon, 21×28 cm, can be found – and bought for 5000 Dkr = appr. € 675,00 – on this site (and much more icons!).

Wim, 13/4

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2 Responses to 1365 – Mount Athos icon (from Denmark)

  1. Vasílis says:

    I don’t think this painting can be called icon in the strict sense. Probably that is why you didn’t see it before.The theme is just a landscape, as far as I can see, although it is the Holy Mountain (in icon-style). But Weppenaar Pedersen made nice icons as well.

  2. Thank you for commenting the icon.

    I have painted the icon based on “Editions on Byzantine Icons” published by Margarer Apergis & Sons, 1994, page 76.

    Kyrie Elison
    Charlotte Weppenaar Pedersen

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