1358 – rumours on October 6th 2011: will Putin visit Athos?

After returning from our Athos pilgrimage in 2011 there were rumours in Ouranopolis that Putin might show up for a short visit to the Holy Mountain. The last time he went to Athos was on September 9th 2005, see blog 717. In the afternoon it was not mr Putin who showed up at the pier, but the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomeus.

IMG_8838 IMG_8959  October 6th 2011: when word spread Putin’s picture already was brought out in a Ouranopoli bar: later that afternoon Patriarch Bartholemeus appeared.


Today Putin visited Amsterdam: critical voices were heared about the rights of homosexuals, critical journalists and lawyers and female punk-bands in Russia.

Wim, 8/4

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