1355 – Skiti Anna: the interior

(this continues blog 1340) After a long hike from Prodromou to the top of Mount Athos I finally reached this beautiful place: my friends asked the Archondaris to leave some dinner for me, because I arrived late. I was given a place in the trapeza on my own and the monk served me a lovely meal. While enjoying the food I looked around and realized that the whole trapeza was newly panited with amazing fresco’s of an extraordinary quality! But first let me show you the pictures I took in the building on the South side of the skete I found some chapels, also decorated with fine fresco’s.

05-10 Skiti Anni 15

Administrative room

05-10 Skiti Anni 12

The iconostasis of a small chapel at the end of a corridor, with a icon of Christ, similar to the Protaton icon

05-10 Skiti Anni 14

The left side of the iconostasis, with an icon of the Panaghia and child and two archangels.

05-10 Skiti Anni 13

In the chapel: four saints, Georgios, Dimitrios, Charalampos and Modestos and the Panaghia with child.

05-10 Skiti Anni 18Icon of Agia Anna with the child Mary

05-10 Skiti Anni 19

Fresco of Agia Anna with the child Mary

05-10 Skiti Anni 21

This fresco is the first from the trapeza, and one of the finest, with the Last Supper and the twelf Apostles. Look how Judas (2e to the right of Christ) turnes his face after his betrayel!

05-10 Skiti Anni 21 detail

Detail of the last picture

05-10 Skiti Anni 22

05-10 Skiti Anni 23

05-10 Skiti Anni 24

05-10 Skiti Anni 25

05-10 Skiti Anni 26

05-10 Skiti Anni 28

05-10 Skiti Anni 29

05-10 Skiti Anni 30

05-10 Skiti Anni 31

05-10 Skiti Anni 32

And with this last fresco you reach the stairs that lead you back to the courtyard: does anyone know who painted these fresco’s and when they were painted?

05-10 Skiti Anni 5

05-10 Skiti Anni 35gj

Sitting on the bench at Skiti Anni watching the sun go down, in absolute quietness: one of the most extraordinary places to be on earth! As soon the sun disappeared under the horizon we heard, very nearby, a jackall howling: a few seconds later his call was answered by at least three of four other jackalls in the neighbourhoud! An absolute mindchilling moment!

Wim, 6/4

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  1. athosweblog says:

    Mooi die laatste tegenlicht foto. Is die van Bas?

  2. Bas says:

    Nee, die is niet van Bas. Maar die heeft nog wel een paar mooie opnamen van die prachtige, verstilde uitgeputte avond in Skiti Anna.

  3. Sean Surlow says:

    Wonderful Place. Thanks for the photographs.

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